• Yes, there is order in the universe.

    Yes, there is too much order in the universe to conclude that God does not exist. In the world, there is order. A tree is complicated, but it grows. A human being is complicated, and yet it can work with and communicate with others. There is far too much order in the world to believe that it all happened by chance.

  • Agnostic stand point

    I am not denying the fact that there is a god, I just simply refuse to believe that there is until there is valid proof. I think it is silly to devote prayer and hope in a god that may or may not even exist. I would hope there is a god but I have my doubts.

  • Burden of Proof

    As an agnostic atheist, I'm simply waiting for any theist to provide an argument capable of standing up to logical scrutiny, rather than simply making unsupported assertions and quoting the Bible (a book that I don't believe anyway, so why would that convince me?). In the debate on God's existence, as with every case of such an extraordinary claim, the Burden of Proof lies extremely on the side of the theists. And if it had been proved reliably, I'd imagine there would be far more consensus in the academic community at least (not that that's an argument against it, just an interesting note). Throughout my life, I have remained unimpressed by the frail arguments of theists, but would gladly convert if sufficient evidence were presented.

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