Religious people call flaws evidence of a perfect god.

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  • Yes if you agree no if you dont

    Religious people say that the planet is put in the perfect position with the sun yada yada. What they dont think about is that there are more than trillions of worlds that are not the perfect distance from their star to support life. If i roll dice once chances are im not going to get double sixes. If i roll the dice 36 times i should get double sixes once. If i roll the dice 200 times im almost definately going to get double sixes. If all the planets were the perfect distance from the sun to support life when they could have been anywhere then i would expect to see this perfect god when i die. If i could roll double sixes 3 times in a row when there are six sides to the dice then i would expect there to be a god. Bad things happen because of the imperfections of gods creation if he exists like when children do bad things to animals or when people that cant be held accountable for their actions hurt people. Then its gods fault because it was inevitable given the way he created them. So god caused the evil or what have you to happen. Not to mention we have people with mental illness and clef chin and stuff that makes them miserable so that would be an act of evil on gods part. There is no design. Dice land on double sixes about once every 36 rolls and everything is like that. If you have a coin with two sides your going to get heads about half the time. That means things cant be happening according to gods design because if there was a plan what are the chances that god would need to do things how they would have happened randomly. And if it is going to happen just like it would randomly then why even have a design.

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