Religious schools should receive financial support from the government in the same way public schools do

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  • Mothers, Teach your Children

    Women are to be Keepers at Home. To be a keeper at home means Also to teach the children. Parents will be responsible and held accountable for their children. It seems like many folks forgot that it is the Parents Job to Teach and Raise their Children. Random people are not to do these actions.

  • The government is not a philanthropist, Nor a non-profit organization.

    According to Statistics Canada, There are approximately 15, 500 schools in Canada; 10, 100 elementary, 3, 400 secondary. If the government increases the amount of support for education towards religious schools, The budget will be collapsed.

    The students in religious schools choose to go to the school where their faith is in. They can receive the support from their parents’ wealth.

  • As a Christian. . .

    Separate church and state is good. Philanthropy is choice. Theocracy is bad and always ends in suffering and disaster. A government's ability to do good is, Without a doubt, Equal to its ability to do evil. The government should always be amoral and unbiased, Doing things only to maintain liberty and the health/security of our nation.

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