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Religiously indoctrinating a village of illiterate people is wrong

  • The villagers who accept this view prove the indoctrination to be harmless

    When the villagers will to honor this religious indoctrination, Despite their literacy rate, Is to prove it helpful and not harmful. However, If those in this villagers think that that said teaching will bring division, Enslavery, They have the right not to accept it and all religion must honor this.
    Interestingly, If the villagers have been mislead by a religious group and sees that such religion has induced division, Hatred, Selfishness, And so forth, They should have the chance to take legal issues against the such religion.

  • Indoctrination is another word for education

    People have free will regardless of indoctrination or education. After they are finally taught to read and write, They may keep the religion or religions which had been taught to them, Or they reject it all either for previous religious beliefs or for none at all. Their choice to make.

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