• Rem all the way

    Rem is a demon, Which is awesome in my opinion, And she is one of the best waifus ever. Rem also has a sense of style. Rem is also powerful and she is pretty at the same time. I also have a crush on Rem, She is my waifu. She is just amazing!

  • Rem shes better

    She looks better in my opinion and shes a goddamn demon which is awesome aeajrjguanrguhuarhguahigurhahguehrguharuhguirhguahuigharuihuahguirahgurhua rugah ruahg ahgu ahuig i guag uia hguiahg aig u ia gu agau hui ahui hui huih uh uh uh uh ui hui h uaghuirhguahg ui haui huia hu haug hau gha h gau gh

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