Remember Remember the 5th of November: Should Guy Fawkes be considered an important historical figure?

  • The fact that Guy Fawkes almost successfully killed a king because of religious motivations makes him a very important figure.

    At the time Catholics were prosecuted under the rule of Queen Elizabeth for about 45 years. When it was time for King James I to take the throne, it was hoped that he would hold a different view but unfortunately this was not the case. An anonymous informant tipped off authorities to Guy's plot to blow up the Westminster Palace and he was later found in the cellars with 36 barrels of gunpowder. He was found in the early hours of November the fifth, after being tortured his accomplices, were found, tried, and executed. The parliament then declared the fifth of November be a national holiday of Thanksgiving (bet you can guess what they were thankful for), so if the event that almost happened can get a national holiday, surely the man that almost committed it would be an important figure.

  • Fawke sought to end religious persecution.

    Guy Fawkes is an important historical figure, whether he is considered one or not. His infamous plot against King James I brought issues of religious persecution to light in England. Catholics were persecuted, and Fawkes sought to take action, albeit drastic action, to oust King James and hopefully invoke religious freedom. Bonfires are still held each year in remembrance. Since the events are still remembered and honored annually, it is historically significant and Guy Fawkes is an important historical figure.

  • Yes, he was part of a plot to assassinate the king.

    Guy Fawkes was an important part of a botched attempt to assassinate King James I, and therefore is an important historical figure. He had a direct and important part to play in the assassination and therefore he should be considered part of history. It is important to remember the past.

  • No, Guy Fawkes is not a vital historical figure

    Guy Fawkes was a terrorist and is known only for his failed terrorist attack. Very few actually know what he did and why, knowing his name only from the famous rhyme that recounts the story. The Gun Powder Treason and Plot was just that; a treason, and there is no point in celebrating a man who was genuinely murderous.

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