Remembering James Garner: Will future generations find his films relevant?

  • James Garner A Timeless Icon

    I think James Garner is a fantastic actor who will be missed. His sense of humor and the realness he brought to roles. In particular his role in The Notebook was a stand out performance. His ability to convey his love and devotion to wife who was suffering from alzeimers was entirely believeable and it was heartbreaking. I have seen the movie at least 30 times and its HIS performance not the younger counterparts that makes that movie.

  • Future generations will have moved on to newer films and will not find old films relevant.

    Generations often have trouble understanding past generations, and there is a rift between generations that younger generations have no desire to bridge. As a result, future generations will struggle to see the value in older films such as James Garner's. The way of life featured in the films will be different from the way future generations will live, and they most likely will not be able to understand why the differences existed.

  • Remembering James Garner

    Future generations no longer watch classic films, they want to see action, blood, guts and fast cars. I truly do not see James Garner's films being carried over for generations to come, other than for the simple reason, they are made to watch them with their parents. Generatioins now could care less about true comedy and love stories.

  • Movies continually update

    An already older generation actor, the films are beginning to be out dated now. While maybe popular in his time, many, many more actors have had their day. Many great actors, great films have been made and will continue to be. Furthermore, many popular films like the ones he has starred in will be remade.

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