• Return not a Comeback

    An artist never really gives up their craft. No matter what kind of art you create you never stop creating it. There are certain circumstances that happen throughout your life that put your art on hold but inside you never stop creating art. So for instance with Remy Ma being out of prison she'll more than likely pick things back up and keep doing that thing she does.

  • Second chances count

    Let's face it, once you do a stint in prison, things can only get better after leaving the stony lonesome. Remy Ma is taking the experience for what it is and not looking back. Yes, she most definitely is making a comeback. Only time will tell how receptive her fans are and if she has it in her to come up with original work.

  • Internationally acclaimed music artist Remy Ma hopes to release a new mixtape soon

    Remy Ma is part of the influential hip-hop and gangsta rap music scene in America. In 2006, she released her breakthrough solo album, There's Something About Remy: Based on a True Story, featuring hit singles."Whateva" and "Conceited ".This Grammy-nominated singer has won several music awards. After Remy Ma's release from jail for shooting Makeeda Barnes-Joseph, Ma began recording new music for her next album. In 2015, she joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop for its sixth season. Ma remains an active force in the entertainment industry.

  • Remy Ma" s Rise

    With the rapper, Remy Ma, comes her intention as she exits the prison cell. Ma suggests her writing has riveting listening appeal. She extends praise to other female performers, as she makes appeal for her entrance into the music arena. So, look for electricity in her scheduled future musical performances.

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