Renting a Showhome: Would you rent a showhome, if it meant giving up pets, smoking, and displaying personal photographs?

  • Renting showhomes work better for some lifestyles.

    Some people live their lives using their home as a rest destination. Others use their home as a central piece in their life. If you work a lot and like to go out, renting a showhome would not be a problem at all. In many instances it can be an improvement.

  • Yes, if those were the only stipulations.

    I don't smoke. I love my dogs, but when it comes to having a home for my family, unfortunately they come before the dogs so I could give them to family. Personal photographs could be kept in an album and I could show them to whoever I chose so yes, as long as no one's going to barge in without warning, and I can lounge in my underwear when necessary, I would.

  • I would not rent a Showhome

    No I definitely would not rent a Showhome. If I had to pay rent to live some where I would want to be able to personalize it. Displaying photos of my family and children are very important to me and one of the best things about having your own place. If I felt the need to have a pet I would want that to be an option. I don't smoke so I don't care about not being able to smoke.

  • No, I would not

    I would not be able to live in a home that I could not put my own photographs up. I think it would feel awkward and like you are always on edge, and that you could never fully relax. I could understand the pets but if you put a few picture frames up that were not hung I could not see the issue with that.

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