Rep. Vance McAllister: Is he right to seek forgiveness from his constituents?

  • Yes, grace is a free gift from God so Rep. Vance McAllister is well within his right to seek forgivness.

    Vance McAllister is well within both his moral and legal rights to see forgiveness from the community of people that make up his constituents. The matter of it that forgiveness is forthcoming is a completely different matter. The 'Born Again' Christians that form his core constituency is not very likely to in the forgiving mood.

  • Should Seek Forgiveness

    I believe people like Vance McAllister have the right to seek forgiveness, but if they've made such mistakes, they should also resign as well. Failures in politics should not be upheld and other people should be allowed to take over where others have failed. Our government is too stagnant and McAllister is a prime example of that stagnation.

  • He deserves to lose his job.

    No, it is not right that Vance McAllister seek forgiveness from his constituents, because politicians think that they can just do whatever they want as long as they ask for forgiveness afterwards. When we send our children to work in Washington DC, we trust that they are going to be safe from their own employers.

  • No, he should just resign.

    No, I do not think Rep. Vance McAllister is right to seek forgiveness from his constituents. Seeking forgiveness is just his ploy for remaining a Representative. When he was campaigning, he presented himself as a family man of high moral fiber. His kissing episode was an act of dishonesty. He lied to his constituents and should no longer be trusted.

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