• It is heavy!

    Our textbook that we have are extremely heavy! If we have homework and we can't finish it in school, then we will have to carry that textbook. With all that weight on your back, it could create some long-term effect on your body. Like you start to walk like an old man when you aren't even 20 years old. That could affect later on when you grew up.

  • Don't take away history

    Technology is great but not everyone knows how to use it and plus the human race is all ready loosing most of its skills think about it pretty much no one knows how to bake their own bread any more. Taking away textbooks is pretty much taking away writing by hand.

  • Textbooks are traditional.

    I would never have made it without a book. And your not carrying THAT many textbooks everyday, sheesh. I look at the examples in the text book to figure things out. Electronics just don't work for me. You can't always trust that they will work. In my school, they use a website called Canvas. My account is always failing and my assignments NEVER load.

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