Replace the exam with continuous assessment.

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  • Yes, we have to replace exam with continuous assessment.

    There are much burden between teenagers' growth and development, but when we have unmeasured stress, students will have negative self identity. There is OECD nation, and it is The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. There are 34 nations in OECD nation, but we are stress and suicide number one. It is shaming things in our country! To get out of this shame, the members of national assembly said we have to do self motivated learning in all of the country. So like the members of national assembly said, we have to do continuous assessment in all of the schools.

  • Yes for Continuous Assessment

    Continuous assessments relieve a great deal of stress brought by the exams, and is much more of an academically accurate representation of a students abilities in a particular subject, and also more accurately represents how the knowledge will be used later in life (e.G. Articles) and not timed tests with questions specifically designed to confuse the student.

  • Yes, Replace Exams...

    Honestly, experience has shown me that a large determinant of exam results is ones ability to avoid careless errors. Furthermore, exams do not engage ones creative capacity or their thinking skills, they more often require students to memorise a bunch of information rather than to apply logical thinking to the problem. Continuous assessments are better, but I honestly feel as though the best way to test ones thinking skills and knowledge is to get them to write an essay on a topic in which gets them to apply such knowledge, either to the real world or to obtain further knowledge by linking with other stuff previously learnt. An example of this might be the IB Extended Essay.

    Posted by: WXL
  • The exam is the most important

    The exam should be given a great deal of weight. What's important is whether at the end of the class the person understands the material. That is why exams should receive a great deal of weight in determining a final grade compared to work done prior to the final exam.

  • Replace what its worth maybe, but not the exam process.

    An exam will insure that the participant in whatever course they have taken actually retains information. There is not a lot of continuous assessments that will insure a person retains information for an extended period of time. A lower percentage of a participants final grade (25% not 50%) would be sufficient in reduction of stress and failure rates.

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