Reply to a christians post and they dont respond. Is this because their faith is blind and they cant refute our reasons for not believing?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Yes, indeed and absolutely

    Christian doctrine is fundamentally weak and illogical. 5 year olds can literally come up with convincing arguments that christian doctrine is unreasonable. To answer these questions, Christians tend to simply blow the questions off. Christians literally denied the shape of the earth for 500 years and failed to accept that the earth is Not the center of the universe. Religion is ignorance...Period point blank

  • For the most part

    The people who make religious arguments typically aren't looking for some atheist to shove some scientific worldview in their face. They are looking for people who will just agree with them and follow the same irrational beliefs as they do. They don't respond because they know they are simply going to play the "god of the gaps" or make some stupid god is love mumbo jumbo. The religious loons aren't looking for some scientifically literate individual to come refute all their claims. They are looking for an argument within the religion itself. That way they would only have to yield to beliefs that still allow them to believe in their supernatural beliefs.

  • Why Should They?

    Atheists tend to misrepresent the Christian faith, take Bible verses way, way, way out of context, call all Christians hypocrites for the actions of a few, call all Christians judgmental for the actions of a few, claim that something is false if you need faith to believe it, make retarded posts about Christians which were obviously written by retards (as seen on the left by "Steffon66"), blame conflict on religion without considering the underlying factors while refusing to admit that anti-theists have also done horrible things in the name of their beliefs, use logical fallacies regularly, pretend there's some line dividing religious belief and science, and commit whatever dirty tactic you can think of. Why should any Christian waste their time arguing with atheists? Why not use their time more productively (as in, doing anything else)?

  • No its because they shouldnt have to

    They don't have to refute your beliefs your not actually as important as you think. The same goes vice versa. Atheists have no obligation to try and refute a Christian. No one has an obligation to refute someones beliefs just because they shared them. Everyone just please resoect the beliefs of others. Theres nothing wrong with debating but dont look down your nose at people for not feeling the need to use you to validate their culture. (Its obviously different if the person is being bigoted or discriminating/hurting someone at that moment)

  • Most Atheist have week arguments. They're often seeking answers more than they want to prove a point.

    Since the most important part of the human being is the spiritual part, it means Atheists are spiritual beings as well, whether they get it or not, whether they believe it or not. Just by being in these kinds of debates Atheists are expressing themselves spiritually and they don't even know that's what they're doing.

    The most annoying thing about arguing with secularist is that they're so focused on seeing religious people as being blinded, closed minded and ignorant. They fail to see these things in themselves. They behave the same way religious people do and they don't seem to get that either.

    Any how, most Secularist don't seem to know the description of the Christian God, so they give him human qualities and limitation. Then they judge him based on their own misinformed concept of him. How is that fair? How can I take people with that attitude seriously and abandon my God? If that's not arguing from a point of view of ignorance, what is?

  • Who is "our"?

    The funny thing is, you have in the past stated that your agnostic yet your question claims that you do not believe. You have also given very weak arguments against the existence of a god. As you may know, I am an atheist who has formed a logical conclusion that god(s) do not exist. Though I don't believe in deities, I have refuted your "reasons for not believing" for various reasons so I do not share them.

    Fact is, Christians reply all the time to posts. One such example is on your last question "You can do anything through christ who strengthens you and nobody is perfect. Is this a contradiction?" Where GainWisdom posted and replied to responses. This proves your initial statement "Reply to a christians post and they dont respond." completely false and refuted. Further, as usual,you refute yourself. "The only ones who do respond are completely irrational." That is a quote from you that claims they respond so basically, your first sentence in your argument refutes your own position.

    "Christians arent just ignorant because of their beliefs. They are evil."

    My Uncle believed in the Christian god his whole life till his recent passing. He also spent many years training crew members in the Mission Operations Directorate for NASA on Gemini, Apollo, Sky Lab and Shuttle programs. Clearly he was not an ignorant man.
    My parents also have been Christian all their lives. One was a machinist and the other a lab tech. They raised their six kids in the most loving home they could manage. They also were very involved in helping the community. Clearly they are neither ignorant nor evil.

    "They lock animals in tiny cages etc."

    Sound kind of like what scientist do. After all, many scientists are also atheist. Almost all mankind has owed it's existence to controlling nature be it animal or plant. Some animals and plants are controlled as a food source where others are kept as house plants or pets. The only exceptions are those places that are less advanced but in places where great intellectual advances have taken place, it has been necessary to control nature (plants and animals) to feed the masses. Further, caging animals and slavery are not unique to Christians as it existed long before it as well as existed all around the world in one form or another.

  • Depending on how long ago the post was...

    Some of the Christians might have lives outside of the computer. Others still note that there is no evidence either way, but everyone knows that the Emperor runs on belief. Also, what if the guy is, in fact, a troll? Assume every post, including this one, is a troll post when dealing with these guys.

  • I've replied to atheists posts and they haven't responded sometimes.

    There can be a whole host of reasons; they may miss the notification that you replied to them, they may just not be bothered enough to answer you because your question was repetitive or something, or they simply don't even use their account anymore.
    Maybe they don't know the answer. Many self-professed Christians don't know as much as they should about the Word of God in order to answer questions from non-Christians and even fellow Christians. I myself have been in such a situation, but here's the thing:
    I have a relationship with God. You have an argument against it. Someone with a relationship is never at the mercy of someone with an argument. You can argue until the cows come home and even if I don't have an answer, it doesn't mean you're right.
    If you really want an answer to a question no Christian seems to be able to answer on the internet, email an apologetics expert. Apologetics is the study of defending Christianity against those who challenge it, although it's not really necessary because God has proven his own existence time and time again.

  • Put a question on a atheist forum and they can't answer does this mean they have blind faith in science?

    First off you assume they don't answer because they don't have an answer which may be true. I can't recite the Gettysburg address but that doesn't mean it isn't real! Just because someone doesn't have an answer doesn't mean there isn't one. Or perhaps they have a family and job to take care of and they don't have time to answer. Please post your question on my wall and I will gladly try my best to answer. Thank you and God bless you my Friend.

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