Report: The NSA can spy on 75% of all U.S. Internet traffic. Is this too much?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Spying on 75% of the Internet traffic is too much.

    I believe that NSA being able to spy on 75% of all U.S. Internet traffic is way too much. Where is our privacy? The government is meddling in too much of people's business now as it is, and that percentage is outrageous. There is no way NSA can justify that kind of percentage. Even catching cyber attacks doesn't warrant this much invasion of privacy.

  • 75% of Traffic Is Too Much

    The National Security Agency shouldn't even be spying on 50% of Internet traffic in the country. Without a doubt, the agency is overstepping its bounds and spying on Americans with no just cause. The agency needs to be reprimanded and these programs put to an end to avoid further destruction of our rights.

  • Yes. I believe the NSA spying on 75% of all U.S. Internet traffic is too much.

    Yes. I believe the NSA spying on 75% of all U.S. Internet traffic is too much. The NSA spying on any Internet traffic is to much. I believe in Internet privacy, I believe in Internet privacy, and this is a blatant violation of rights. It should not be allowed in any way.

  • It's simply not necessary for the NSA to spy on 75% of U.S. internet traffic.

    It's not necessary for the NSA to have such a large realm for spying. The vast majority of Americans are not conducting criminal activity on the internet. Such widespread spying is a waste of government funds as well as a misuse of NSA personnel and time. It also contributes to the type of widespread paranoia that leads to McCarthy-type witch hunts.

  • Of course it is.

    The fact of the matter is, is that the NSA was developed as something to take care of America, and prevent any possible disturbances occouring by allowing the police, and government to be one step ahead of criminals using the internet. Now it has just been turned into Obama's 'find the republican and put him on a watchlist' game. The NSA claims it is looking for terrorist acitivity, however I find this hugely amusing considering that they spy on churches and synagogues, but (get this!) not mosques. Now I don't know how one expects to find muslim terrorists in every place of worship except a mosque, but someone from the Democratic Party is going to have to explain that to me. Long point short, the NSA should be able to spy on 0% of the population.

  • 0% sounds like a superior number

    The NSA should not be spying on American citizens at all. The NSA should not have any warrantless information, and yet they are committing massive acts of privacy violations against citizens doing nothing. If they're spying on 75% of Internet traffic, they've undermined our right to privacy - and Americans do have a right to privacy - and the question of whether America is the most free country in the world suddenly becomes much less clear to answer.

  • Spy on suspects

    Spying on 75% of Americans is a violation of our privacy. Most of us are doing nothing wrong and are not a threat to national or local security. The NSA should be spying on people of interest or potential terrorist not the everyday people doing nothing shady, wrong or immoral.

  • The NSA needs to know what's going on to protect us.

    It's not too much, not at all. That 75 percent figure is optimistic at best. The National Security Agency can likely spy on one hundred percent of American Internet traffic. And get over it, you have no privacy and you should have no expectation of privacy if you are using a public data network -- and that's what the Internet is. The NSA keeps us safe.

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