Reporter caught in deadly ISIS attack: Should reporters be allowed in combat areas?

  • It is essential

    Reporters in combat zones do a ton to dispel propaganda on both sides, and bring a degree of objective truth to war reporting. The cost of their lives is just a part to pay in that struggle, but what should happen is that these reporters are given the same level of heroism as other members of the armed forces.

  • It is up to the reporter.

    If a reporter really wants to risk his or her life to get right in the action then I think that decision is up to them. They know that they are in a war zone. They know what could happen. If they want to risk their lives like that then more power to them.

  • It is the only way they can really know what is going on.

    In times of war, misinformation is rampant particularly when it concerns active combat zones. Therefore it is absolutely imperative that individuals from trusted news sources are actually on the ground to witness what is happening in these areas. If they were not there, then it is likely that most of the news we would receive would be false.

  • Chosen Profession Requirements

    Reporters know what the consequences can be from reporting from war-ridden sites. They know the risks and although they probably should not for their own safety, they chose to put their safety on the line to report important events around the world, no matter how dangerous they may end up being.

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