Representative Michael Grimm Arrested After Campaign Funds Probe: Are you tired of dishonest politicians?

  • Yes, corruption and dishonesty are breaking the mechanics of politics.

    Politicians are almost exclusively elected based on promises. What they do promise to their constituents is often a case of good intentions met by harsh reality, but to outright lie and misrepresent the people who ask that you represent them is exactly the kind of broken political mechanics that are paralyzing the American system.

  • Yes, I am tired of dishonest politicians. Politicians are elected to serve the people not enrich themselves.

    The growing number of news stories involving dishonest politicians being caught with their "hand in the till" is alarming. Politicians are elected officials and have a duty to serve not only the people who elected them, but the public in general. These public servants should behave in ways that are morally and ethically correct because it is their sword duty.

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