Republic vs. monarchy in the UK: Should the UK monarchy be abolished, and replaced with a standard republic?

  • Do it nowun

    Undemocratic outdated expensive socially decisive pgrlongs a system which has lost any relevance in modern times keeps rich family in luxury for doing very little have at times particularly during the war behaved in treasonable treacherous way Germanic origins have hereditary power are non electable self perpetuating parasites which donor give us any real reason for keeping them on

  • Yes abolish monarchy

    The UK monarchy is one of just a few left in the world. It is inevitable that the UK would be one of the last - if not the last to consign the idea of a monarchy back to the middle ages where it belongs.

    Given the establishment and the benefits the monarchy has to them - then, on reflection, it is not surprising the UK Monarchy would be the last to go.

  • Yes it should - it's anti-democratic

    If the Head of State is BORN into power, it completely contradicts the meaning of democracy. There is no reason why we should have an anti-democratic monument of the past. Which brings another point, the Monarchy is outdated. In our modern society there is no reason for a sovereignty. Yes, it is a good part of our history. But that is then, not now. The legitimate authorities such as dissolving parliament, awarding honours, issuing citizenship, initiating emergency meetings, giving city status should belong to Parliament, not the Queen. It is only fair that a government that the citizens of the UK voted for should have the right to do these things. It is fair to the Government and to the people of GB. These are just some of the reasons why the monarchy should be abolished.

  • Yes, it should be.

    I don't see why a monarch should have any say in the government. They were not elected to represent the people and are puppets of the wealthy. They have everything given to them and do nothing. They need to be taken out of power and made regular citizens for the good of England.

  • Tradition Holds UK Back From Establishing Modern Government

    Should the UK monarchy be abolished and replaced with a standard republic? That would be the practical thing to do. It would save the British government a lot of money and go a long way to abolishing, too, an unequal social system, the pinnacle of which is the crown. I do believe the United Kingdom would gain a lot by saying goodbye to monarchy and morphing into a modern republic. But I do not believe Brits have a stomach for parting with their tradition. It would be hard to carry the culture of power into the format of a modern government. Change is needed and inevitable but will likely not come about voluntarily anytime some unless forced by war, other violence, or severe economic circumstances. The Queen is, after all, quite wealthy though some consider her office parasitic on the country. Where would England be without the Queen's wealth and power? Is that another reason for keeping the royal family?

  • Monarchy must stay

    The British monarchy have brought far too many good things and contributions to the world. It became a universal identity of the British. Plus the fact that the monarch has a limited power. Having a transition from a monarchy to a republic is not an assured and reliable solution to problems with taxes and stuff.

  • It decreases taxes

    It costs 40 million pounds to maintain the royal family, a lot right? Well, yes £40,000,000 is a big sum of money, only the Royal families land generates approx. £200,000,000 in revenue, per year, this means the Royals generate £160,000,000 in profit, therefore meaning the Royal Family pays for itself. Per person per year, this is a saving of £2.60. That's right the Monarchy saves us £2.60

    But hang on, if the government owned the royal lands, wouldn't we be saving 40 million? Well, yes, but think about the other main factor: Tourism.

    Tourism directly linked to Royal sites across the UK generates a massive seven thousand million pounds. Yes, the Royal Family generates Seven Thousand Million Pounds.

    But wait, it isn't the Monarch herself that makes the money, its the old royal buildings right? Wrong. The thing that attracts people to the UK as opposed to say...France is that the UK castles and other royal attractions are in use today, a real, living breathing person owns them all, when you see ER (Elisabeth Royal) printed on things, that is referencing a real monarch (Elisabeth II), unlike France, where the monarchy is long gone.

    But say, you're still a Parliamentarian, and want the monarch gone because of her political power, well, basically, what power? The queen cannot REPEAT CANNOT overrule parliament, she can express her disapproval, but this is all.

    So, in conclusion removing the monarch would raise taxes, loose us profit and rename the UK the UR, honestly who wants that?

  • NO it should not

    The British monarchy is what gives th UK it's political instability. History shows that republics are much more instable than Republics. England never had a dictatorship and it's civil liberties were always protected. This is only due to the monarchy. No Republic around the world can say the same thing.

    Posted by: JRRS

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