Republican Elector rejects Trump: Has The Donald brought this upon himself?

  • Trump's abrasive persona has offened electors

    Donald Trump is now known more for his controversial comments and offensive language than for anything else. His actual stand on issues and ability to govern is impaired by his flippant and fiery comments. This behavior offended political opponents and would-be allies, too. Any faithless electors are his fault entirely.

  • Republican Elector rejects Trump: The Donald has not brought this upon himself

    Republican Elector rejects Trump: The Donald has not brought this upon himself. The elector knew full well that Trump was the presumptive GOP nominee. He never should have accepted being an elector if that was his mindset. Now, he finds himself violating the will of the people of the state where he promised to back the people's choice. This man is one of the deplorables that Hillary spoke of.

  • People just don't like the outcome.

    The people who plan to vote against Trump are only doing so to get attention. It is not going to change the outcome of the election. Trump is going to be a strong leader. People do not like the things that he stands for. That doesn't mean that he is not a legitimate president.

  • No, Elector undermines the will of his state.

    Though perhaps within his rights as an elector, this Republican, who has expressed his intention to not give his vote to Trump, is doing more to undermine the American democratic process than the corrupt bargain of 1824 or Compromise of 1877. The electoral college was to protect the country from tyranny of the masses (though with more of an elitist intent during the Federalist period) and protect the rights of rural, small states. This elector is thumbing his nose at the people of his state, indicating he know what is best for them, despite their vote to the contrary.

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