Republican National Convention: Is it too early to be worried about the 2016 conventions?

  • I agree, it is way too early to be worried about the 2016 Republican National Convention.

    It is far too early in the Presidential election cycle to be worried about who the 2016 Republican National Convention will select as the party's presidential candidate. There just too many possible outcomes of the primary elections, as well as unknown situational variables to be addressed. The run to the convention will be the most interesting part of the equation.

  • No, of course not.

    No it is not too early to be worried about the 2016 conventions, though I do wish people would shut up about politics for a little while. Between major elections and mid terms, there is almost no break at all. But the republicans do need to recover and should worry.

  • 2016 Convention is it to early for thought?

    There is nothing never to early for thought when it comes to the government and running the world, if you are a person in politics and you are in the office the best thing to do is always wonder what will be a better way to help the world not harm the world or take away from the people that need.

  • No, politicians are always planning.

    I feel like it's never too early to be planning for the next national convention; politicians and parties are always planning for this kind of thing, and which candidates will be running next. The Republican party also has gotten a bad reputation over the past several years, so they need to be mindful about their upcoming convention and make sure they've planned it thoroughly.

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