Republicans Call Trump a Racist: Should Trump still be allowed to represent the Republican Party?

  • Nothing has changed since the primaries

    Trumps views on Immigration is what got him a victory in the primaries and they haven't changed not one iota even the way this ignoramus delivers his views on stage has stayed the same, The only thing that has changed are you idiots that voted for Trump you figured out that you don't have enough people to give him the presidency you figured out that without some Mexicans some Blacks some Asians and some none republican white people Trump has a snowball's chance in hell of winning.

  • The Republicans have no choice

    Despite Trump not seeming fit for politics, even president for that matter… The republicans have no choice. They could have stopped him earlier, they could stop him now but the consequences would be devastating. Hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters would riot for sure, it would be too much to handle.

    As much as many of us think he shouldn’t be the republican candidate, we have no choice. He put the Republican Party in a situation where they choose him or else.

  • More unjustified claims.

    The only thing that claims Trump is racist is the headline. Nothing in the article supports the claim. Granted, the article was insulting to Trump but that's not surprising for the liberal press. Sure, they claim to be unbiased but if that is the case, why does every page have Clinton ad? The closest thing to claiming Trump is racist by republicans is the lack of response to Hillary's slanderous accusations about Trump. I would guess the reason why they didn't respond is because it makes no difference. The sheeple that believe everything the liberal press tells them were already convince the claims are true and everyone else knows it's just a diversion away from reasons she chant be trusted to run the country. Personally, I wouldn't trust her to run a bake sale.

  • They reaped what they sowed

    The Republican party has a history of racist thought and policies, and they ended up with a representative of those things. Trump is more outspoken than past Republicans about his views, and that is their problem with him. The people who vote Republican are the ones who chose him, and the party apparatus has to respect that.

  • No, Trump should definitely not still be allowed to represent the Republican Party.

    No, Trump should definitely not still be allowed to represent the Republican Party. He is undoubtedly a racist, not to mention rude and offensive. I was willing to give him a chance to prove himself a good candidate for president but he has not done that. He should not be allowed to represent his party.

  • Donald Trump and Politics are Incompatible

    Not only do Mr. Trump's beliefs contrast with those of the Republican Party, he has proven to the world that he is incapable of being a politician. He repeatedly said that he will run the United States like a business; this mentality is absolutely awful. Not to mention the fact that he declared bankruptcy many times.


  • Trump should represent Republicans

    Donald Trump should be allowed to represent the Republican Party. Although he has been called out as a racist, he won the nomination by garnering more votes than the others running for president. He accepted his party's nomination at the convention. There are many in the party that may not be happy, but this is how the process played out.

  • Republicans should oppose him

    Opposing Donald Trump is no longer a political decision, but a moral one. This man does not represent the ideals of the Republican Party, nor American principles. He gains supporters by exploiting the fears and resentment of the general populace. He says what people want to hear, not what is right.

  • Donald Trump should not be able to represent the Republican Party

    Donald Trump is, without a doubt, racist and offensive, and has not been able to prove to me what qualities he has that we need to "Make America great again". It is agreed even among the other Republican candidates in the article that Trump is clearly racist. He should not be a representative.

  • No, any person or group can change their opinion.

    I support the elimination of Trumps' representation as long as this is a decision by the majority of the Party and this would sit equally well for any other Party. While Republicans now deem Trump is a racist this should have been clear to those voting member from the beginning as this kind of change does not exist. However, the entirety of all citizens should suffer for the reckless reasoning of the few.

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