Republicans shut down Flint water pollution investigation and blame the EPA: is this a dirty tactic?

  • Yes, the Republicans are using dirty tactics to shrug off responsibility for Flint.

    While it is ultimately important to figure out exactly who is to blame for the Flint water crisis, the most pressing concern should be finding the resources to fix the problem. By shutting down the Flint Water Pollution investigation, the Republicans are only diverting resources and attention from the people of Flint. Blaming the EPA only serves to accomplish political goals without actually addressing the real problem.

  • The Republians are in power.

    It's not hard to miss what's happening in Flint. Democrats controlled Flint for years and years. Now the Republicans are in charge of the state government. It is clear the Republicans just want to punish the democrats for ever having held office. It's a shame that politicians use power in order to intimidate others.

  • Accountability is critical

    Admittedly I don't know much about this topic but this type of thing happens all too frequently. It isn't okay to make an unpopular decision and then attempt to pass the blame to another organization. I think political parties would have more respect and be more successful if they were more transparent about their reasons. If they can't be transparent then perhaps they should look a little closer at whether or not they should be making that decision in the first place.

  • The State should be handling the Flint water issue

    Flint is in Michigan and the Michigan government is directly accountable to the people of Flint. The EPA is not directly accountable to the people of Flint. Accordingly, it seems that the best party to be heading up the clean up is the State. If the State does not clean up the water in a timely manner than the people of Michigan can vote in representatives that will address the disaster.

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