Republicans threaten to sue Obama: Is Obama justified in his use of executive action?

  • Obama is justified in his use of executive action

    President Obama is completely justified in his use of executive action. Congress has stood still on so many bills that would help this nation for so long that something needed to be done. Obama has the ability to use executive action and he was completely in the right to do so.

  • It is justified

    Republicans unilaterally block all of the serious reform bills. Any bills even where both parties have some type of win, they just block it. I don't really agree with all of Obama's decisions while using executive actions but it makes sense why he doesn't both with congress anymore. It's polarizing gridlock where everybody is holding everything as hostage and unilaterally blocks. Obama has issued less executive actions around 182 which is than Bush and it hasn't been this low since Grover Cleveland. Bush even had more, you can't say Obama is abusing it and bush didn't.


  • No, President Obama should not overuse executive action.

    I believe that the President should follow the legislation of our Country instead of using executive action when he feels as if he can't get Republicans to do what he wants. Our system doesn't work if one person makes all the decisions. We need balance and that isn't happening if the President continues to use executive action.

  • What do you know...

    Take note that those that believe Obama is justified using executive action are the ones that would flip out if a republican president did it. So deep down they know he shouldn't be doing it, they just don't want to admit what he is doing is completely wrong since they voted for him.

  • Litmus test and Japanese Internment Camps

    For those who are pondering it, the best mental exercise I would recommend would be to reverse the scenario, would you want an opposition party member as President consistently bypassing the entire congress because they could not implement their partisan politics through more democratic means and instead through dictatorial practices?

    Something tells me sympathies would change on the subject matter if the parties/roles were switched around.

    For those of you who agree with Obama using dictatorial powers, just remember the Japanese Internment Camps decision was an Executive Order which bypassed Congress and debate on the subject entirely.

  • The Supreme Court says no, sometimes he can though.

    President Obama, by Supreme Court decision, is unable to use executive action to appoint people. However, other areas do call for executive action, especially when there is a pressing national need but there is a stalemate in Congress. Putting a blanket statement on anything political is generally not a good idea, but I would say he is generally not justified in using executive orders.

  • No, I don't believe he was.

    Given the information, I have no idea why he needed to use executive action and didn't run it past congress before he took action. He claimed that there was no time and that without immediate action something bad would have happened, but there is plenty of evidence against those claims. I think he just didn't want the fight, but I do believe it would be a mistake for them to sue.

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abyteofbrain says2014-07-05T04:42:16.933
He should have been impeached and imprisoned long ago for treason.