Republicans try to limit voting hours in North Carolina: Do politicians play dirty do win?

  • Yes, politicians play dirty to win

    Yes, politicians play dirty to win. They always have. It's human nature to do anything to insure a win, especially after working so hard for it and having so many people pressuring you. This is why we have protections in place such as gerrymandering laws and voting rights amendments. Clearly, more protections are still needed.

  • Yes, politicians play dirty to win.

    Yes, I do believe that politicians play dirty to win. Politicians in general (Democrats and Republicans), tend to be dishonest people and lie just to see an end to their own means. It would not surprise me at all to learn there is a lot of voter fraud going on in this election.

  • Yes, politicians play dirty to win the vote.

    When there is a political election, majority politicians play dirty to come out on top. Such things as limiting hours is included in playing dirty. The ads also show a different side of the campaigns, as the negative side of the opponents are highlighted instead of just focusing on the positive side the actual candidate.

  • Politics is a dirty game, anyone involves follow suit. Yes politicians play dirty game to win

    You can't be a politician without playing dirty game to win. Because while campaigning, there are situations where you have to defend yourself to prove you are eager and ready to win a post. Every politicians we be tried, and if he or she is not able to answer, then he lose ground.

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