• I agree with that

    First of all don't call them republicunts thats just rude. Some views of the Republican party are slowly declining in a majority of Americans. A big example is gay marriage/gay rights which is widely supported now, But for some reason still on the Republican list of issues that they are against. Why? Another issue is climate change which a lot of republicans don't even think exists but we have clear science. Weed is another big one. Millenials/Gen Z are not going to follow the republicans if they still believe things like this. They need an update

  • Its time to adapt

    Okay so the GOP is mostly supported by old white boomers because they believe the platform caters to what they believe in (superstition, Ignorance etc). Whats going to happen when they go bye bye? A majority of the young and educated are not voting Republicunt. These people are the future as the boomers expire, The GOP needs seriously step up their game before this happens

  • Conservativism and liberalism go hand in hand.

    Its the purpose of conservatives to pull the reigns in on the progress of culture so it progresses at a steady pace. However, What youll see with the increased radicalization of the neo liberals is the development of a rebellious conservative movement.

    The GOP needs to update its platform and marketing but maintain its social conservative values. Instead of opposing gay marriage, Get the state out of marriage all together. Instead of diving into the "climate change" discussion. Emphasize a solution that will net benefit the enviroment and the economy ie eliminate the welfare state to incentivize people out of poverty.

    Some republicans are already doing this. Idahos new heartbeat bill is a good example.

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