Research shows Donald Trump speaks and debates on a 4th grade reading level, does this enable him to relate better to the voting public?

  • Yes, Donald Trump relates to 4th graders

    Unfortunately, we are only as strong as our weakest link...and considering how bad our school systems is, Donald Trump's supporters are most likely second and third grade level savants. There are Trump supporters who can rattle off facts and figures about how right he is, but they can't read the headlines refuting his genius. We are doomed.

  • No, because the voting public is very diverse

    Donald Trump's juvenile speeches and debate style does not appeal to the masses. Yes, it may be entertaining for the moment but eventually it gets old. The voting public is diverse, so his appeal is very limited. He cannot win the White House with a limited demographic and it's time for him to realize that.

  • Only to dumb people

    The average American doesn't need someone to run the country that can talk to them, they need someone who can properly lead them. Anyone can talk at a 4th grade level, but how is that going to help when negotiating with Putin or some other world leader. At least get some bigger words.

  • I would hope not

    If the general voting public actually relates to someone who speaks on a fourth grade level, we are pretty doomed as a nation. That could, quite easily, explain why so many things are wrong with this nation, but I would like to assume that we, as a general public, at least speak at a fifth grade level.

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