Residents of Philippines fear extrajudicial killings: Do you think this is a problem that could escalate in the U.S.?

  • Yes, it could escalate.

    Yes, after seeing the outcome of our recent elections and seeing how badly some people behave, I feel that if left unchecked, extrajudicial killings can happen in the United States as well. We need very much to preserve the tenets of respect for one another, valuing every living being. By teaching everyone that people matter, animals matter, the environment and nature matter, we will be saving ourselves as human beings.

  • Extrajudicial killings not a serious threat in the U.S.

    The United States is a much different nation than the Philippines. Many people who do not like that Donald Trump has not been elected president are trying to raise fears in the minds of people any way they can. Trump has said some horribly offensive things, but it is unreasonable to think he would carry out extrajudicial killings.

  • I hope not

    If the question concerns whether extrajudicial killings will become more commonplace in the US, I certainly hope not. I'm sure they happen and more than we know. Is the fear that this will become more prevalent because of something Duterte is saying or doing, or is it a fear that this will happen more often because of Trump?

  • Extrajudicial killings are unlikely to increase in the U.S.

    Extrajudicial killings occur in societies that are already unstable. The United States is a stable society. For all of the rancor and discord that followed the recent election, the United States remains a stable society. Until that changes there will not be a rash of extrajudicial shootings in the U.S.

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