Resolved: That Russia has become a threat to United States interests: Is Russia a threat to United States interests?

  • Yes, Russia in a way is a threat

    I say yes because of whats going on. I think russia should just leave ukraine alone becuase what if they decide to drop nuclear bombs on the U.S because they were angry enough. Besides i dont want gas prices to go up anymore also, i just wish that Russia and Ukraine would settle things calmly

  • Yes, Russia threatens sanctions

    With Russia taking offense to the last US sanction, one could see how little give Russia is allowing on the issue of nuclear threats. The fact that Russia opposes the sanctions in Iran seems troubling in that the US simply wants to prevent devastating nuclear actions from the Middle East.

  • Russia is not a threat to US interests

    Russia and the US have always had a contentious relationship. However, Russia is not a threat to the US personally. It could be argued that Russia has interest in other foreign countries that could be potential threats to the US. Even though they have varying opinions of moral issues, Russia is not a threat to the US.

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