Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010: Will financial reform legislation prevent future crises?

  • Some Crises Averted, But Not All

    Somehow, large financial firms will still find a way around new oversight laws and eventually cause another financial crisis years down the road. For now, the legislation will prevent another Great Recession like that of 2007-2008. Another financial crisis is a matter of time, it will just take another form and happen in a different way than before. The Great Depression was caused by stock speculators buying stock on credit. The Great Recession was caused by home loan sharks looking to make a quick buck. Although large companies "too big too fail" will be most affected by the legislation, there will be another difficulty in the future.

  • No. Reform is only the beginning of stability.

    No. I truly feel that economic reform is only the beginning of financial stability in the United States. To prevent future crisis, all Americans need to get involved. We need to curb spending at all levels, and simply pay our debts, starting with our federal deficit. The federal government needs to set the example and stop all of the borrowing.

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