Restrictions on freedom of speech: Does "bad" speech lead to "bad" acts?

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  • Bad Speech Does Not Lead to Bad Acts

    No, "bad" speech does not lead to performing bad acts. The only reason speech is designated as "bad" is because we as a society decide that it is. Indeed, some words that are considered fair use now were considered "bad" in the past. Even the word "bad" itself was once considered a "bad" word.

  • Bad speech is a relative term and does not lead to bad acts.

    If bad speech leads to bad acts there would be much more violence in the world. I believe that what one person considers bad speech may actually be a relative and therefore subjective matter. If the person speaking was of a different color race or creed would that offensive speech still be considered offensive? When a person has a differing political view for example, anyone who speaks negatively about there political affiliates will consider it bad speech but will any negative acts come from this? Of course not the majority of people only respond to bad speech with more bad speech.

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