• Evidence supports: "YES!"

    The story goes:
    Mary was with her boyfriend in Chicago, around 1930-1950. They were in his car, and got in a fight. Mary demanded he stop the car and let her out. Once she was out, her boyfriend accidentally ran over her, killing her. Very close to the graveyard... Now, all the time, near that specific graveyard, people claim that Mary's ghost stands by the road where she died, and when you stop the car, she gets in. When you pass the graveyard, she demands you stop. And she gets out, and tries to get into the graveyard. She pulls and tugs on the gates. There is evidence: there are actual burn marks in the shapes of hands on the iron bars. Click here to see a picture:

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SweetTea says2014-09-04T22:44:13.807
I have never seen her, but ... I used to live in Chicago (still have family there) and the sightings are just too wide-spread to be a hoax.