Retailer mistakenly celebrates Scottish independence: Should Scotland have gone independent?

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  • no, probably not

    If they were not prepared for it then no. I don't think it's a good idea to step out on your own, if you can choose, when you are not prepared for it. They have a lot of reliance on the UK. They voted and decided to stay, and I say good luck to them.

  • Scotland should not have gained independence

    I think this is part of a larger question about segregation in general. A large proportion of the Scottish people want independence and it largely seems that is a result of the historical conflict. But independence would not bring the parts of Great Britain any closer, it would merely perpetuate the same problems that exist already. Unification in the truest sense of the word should be strived for, not independence.

  • They need the U.K.

    I liked watching the U.K.'s success in the Olympics. Without England, very few Scottish athletes would have been successful. There are not enough Scottish athletes to make teams for very many events. Without the Scottish athletes that do exist, England would not have won as many medals as they did in London. They need each other.

  • scottland does not need independence

    scottland does not need independence, let the people caught up in the moment celebrate the wrong thing because they dont know any better, and look like fools doing so, scottland should stay with britian because it might need help one day and if they are independent they will not get the help they need

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