Retirement age likely to rise: Was the retirement age too young to begin with?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Retirement age may be increasing because many baby boomers are reluctant to retire. Older Americans may also be delaying retirement because of lost savings during the Great Recession or because of insufficient savings even before the economic downturn. Today's workers are also less likely to have an employer-sponsored pension, and they may still be recovering financially from the Great Recession.

  • The retirement age was not too young to begin with

    The retirement age should not be raised and it is not too young. People work all their lives in order to retire. Many times the body is wearing out by the time a person reaches 60 or so and many are unable to continue working as they once did. If someone wants to work longer that's fine, but the standard retirement age should not be raised.

  • No, it should have been younger.

    No, the retirement age was never too young. It should have been younger, especially since people start having difficulty obtaining employment at around age 40. The retirement age should be 55, not over 60 years old. Fifty years is plenty of time to pay into the tax system and whatnot.

  • People live longer today.

    At the time the retirement age was set, most people did not live for very long after they retired. The retirement benefits were a safety net for those who managed to live that long. Today, some people live thirty years longer than the retirement age. If the retirement age isn't raised, the government can't pay all the people claiming benefits.

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