Retirement Mistakes: Do public schools do enough to teach healthy personal financial management habits?

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  • People are so clueless

    With all the time that is wasted in public schools, you would think that they would find some time to teach good financial habits. In public school, my kids spend so much time talking about bullying, but they have yet to have a lesson on credit card interest. The public schools are failing our kids.

  • No, not enough children have the skills needed to manage their finances

    Public schools do not make a priority of teaching their students how to do basic personal finance management. Skills like balancing a checkbook, budgeting and how to build a credit score are critical to the survival of the young adult. In today's world, we cannot ignore the importance of teaching the next generation of how to deal with their money.

  • Not enough done in schools

    Public schools under no circumstance teach kids good personal financial habits. My sons attended a highly rated public school and personal finance was no more than balancing a checkbook. If the school were to step it up we would have a future generation of fiscally responsible kids. This must be taight at home.

  • No, personal finance is not taught enough in public schools.

    Public schools do not teach anything about personal finance. If nothing else, students are forced to get loans in order to put themselves through college or university. This results in young people working senseless jobs just to pay of their student loan debt instead of focusing on their future and career.

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