Retirement planning: Did baby boomers have it easier than millennials when it comes to jobs and saving for retirement?

  • Yes and they stereotype millennials.

    Millennials didn't close Dixons, Fads, Kwick-Save, Woolworths, Littlewoods, John Menzies, Boarders (They didn't even have many of them in Britain), Blockbusters, Toys R Us, I do not use the internet for shopping every day I rarely use it. Baby Boomers yes they had it easier for work they could leave school at the age of 15 (Britain) and Baby Boomers didn't need to do any CV's. Just go the job centre, interview and get a job. Another stereotype about living with parents people in my family who are baby boomers have stayed with their parents never left home. Weddings - I only know my grandparents and one of my aunt's marrying. From the Silent Generation (Grandparents) and Baby Boomers (Aunt). What is avocado toast? I hate avocados! Stop the generation stereotypes. Ban them! Or else.

  • Baby boomers competed with less.

    Baby boomers had access to more quality real estate and jobs than their millennial counter parts. The current generation are also competing with highly qualified immigrants for top jobs and spots in universities. Also the value of money has plummeted as compared to what baby boomers had to deal with in their youth.

  • Yes, they did

    I feel that Baby Boomers definitely had it easier. With College prices going up and the amount it makes it harder and harder to save. I also think there has been so many scams with people losing money and that it makes it harder for Millennials. I think the world was a easier place then with not as many problems.

  • Yes they did and do

    We do put into social security which has been being used to pay for their retirement. The system we have worked for them, but it is not going to work forever. By the time I am old enough to retire, unless I have everything saved up myself somehow, I doubt I will be able to retire.

  • Yes, I think most baby boomers grew up in a boom time.

    Yes, I think most baby boomers grew up in a boom time. I think baby boomers grew up in a very innocent and wonderful time in American history. I think millennials will be fine in the long it just might be a bit harder. I feel that in the past things where allot more simple.

  • The Problems Facing The Current Generation are Worse:

    If we acknowledge the time attributed to the Millenial (1982-200x) the eldest of them would be 32 right now which is plenty of time to actually plan ahead for a retirement that you are aware is not going to be supplemented by social security income. For the Baby Boomers (1946-1964) the eldest is 68, with the youngest in the range being 50, so in turn they were hit much harder with the reality that there will be a weak or no social security system for them and the convolutions of the economy have had far sharper effects against them then the younger generation as they were left completely unaware of what would come while Millennial are heavily encouraged and offered aid in saving money.

    Technological differences of the times also play a part in which will prosper more when it comes to the management of retirement; trading in stocks via computer and direct depositing into accounts is easier than ever.

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