Return of Israel to pre-1967 borders: Are pre-1967 borders best way to security?

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  • No, that is not fair to Israel.

    No, a return of pre-1967 borders is not the best way to return to security, because that is not security for Israel. In the atrocity of World War Two, millions and millions of Jews were murdered for no reason. The whole point of Israel was to give them a place where people would not want to murder them all the time. It would not be secure for the Jews to get rid of that now.

  • No, the 1967 borders are fair.

    No, a return of Israel to pre-1967 border is not the best way to security, because Israel was given the land, and should be allowed to keep it. Giving in to those using violence to create conflict is not a way to end conflict. Those perpetuating violence will learn that it worked, and they will cause more violence. The best way to security is to use peacekeeping forces to insist that the 1967 borders stay in place.

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