Return of Israel to pre-1967 borders: Should Israel return to its pre-1967 border?

  • Israel Should Not Be Allowed To Occupy Territory

    It is generally accepted that invading, annexing or occupying territory that does not belong to your nation is wrong and unallowable, and in 1967 things were not that different. Because Israel took over some territory during a war and has continued to occupy it, there has been ongoing conflict in that part of the world for nearly 50 years. It is time for it to stop, Israel needs to do the right thing and return the territory to the original nation and we need to move forward from this violent conflict into a time of peace.

  • Get things back to normal

    With all the problems that Israel is having with its borders and the wars going on i think it should definitely return to it pre-1967 border. Im not really sure about any additional issues are going on with Israel at this point and time beside just the border issue that is going on at this time

  • Would leave Israel vulnerable

    Before even beginning to debate, let's keep in mind that Israel only 'occupies' the land it does today because it's neighbours tried to wipe it off the face of the earth.
    Besides the fact that no one wants to give land back to those who advocate it's destruction, 'piece for peace' has been proven to not work with Palestinians. Hamas is a terrorist organization that preaches the genocide of Jews and only exists today because Israel gave the Palestinians land back.
    On top of that, returning all the land would leave Israel vulnerable to neighbouring attacks and force history to repeat itself. Israel's border from Palestine to the sea would be too thin to defend and would result in Israel being cut in two in the case of a war.
    If you actually believe Israel is wrong to the land it occupies/annexed today, I plead that you go learn history and analyze both the causes and results of past middle east conflicts.

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