Review: ‘Storks,’ an Uneasy Return to Delivering Babies: Are movies becoming more and more juvenile?

  • The entertainment industry as a whole is becoming more and more juvenile.

    Movies have lost originality. They have lost something that the old movie eras possessed. A quality that was conservative. The men were men with real problems and the women were classy. Movies today are full of junk, cussing, fighting, violence, etc., compared to the good old days of films. Movie stars are famous today for showing their sex appeal as oppose to the craftsmanship of acting.

  • Yes, they are becoming more juvenile.

    Many movies appear to be more juvenile. The new Storks movie is an example of a film that seems a bit immature. Hollywood films lack the same kind of sophistication that movie goers loved in previous generations. Also, many movies are just squeals, instead of new films being released. This has led to a decline in the quality of movies.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Andy Samberg could have made a career out of juvenile boy comedy. After seven seasons on Saturday Night Live, his comedic work with the Lonely Island and ruling the viral video world with D— in a Box, J--- in My Pants and I’m on a Boat, it would have been easy. His blend of music and comedy made him the likely next Adam Sandler (the two starred together in That’s My Boy and the animated Hotel Transylvania). But instead of taking a predictable route, Samberg, now 38, has focused on building a body of work that he’s passionate about.

  • Yes, they are.

    Movies are trying to appeal to younger and younger audiences, which many researchers and experts say is very bad for these young children. Watching TV impeads a young child's development, and they would have more of an educational experince staring at a rock all day long. It is not a good trend.

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