Richard Lawrence Tries to Assassinate a President: Does the Secret Service Do Enough to Protect Our Elected Officials?

  • They can't stop everything

    The Presidents receive so many threats each day. The Secret Service does a wonderful job protecting our leaders, considering the amount of disturbed people that they have to deal with. They are always paying attention and ready to react. That doesn't mean that the Secret Service is perfect. In fact, they have records of bad employee behavior. But they seem to get the job done.

  • Secret Service provides adequate protection to elected officials

    The Secret Services provides adequate protection to elected officials. We have come a long way since Richard Lawrence's attempt on President Jackson's life. Elected officials face even graver threats from international terrorists and governments as well as domestically. The weaponry has grown more advanced. However, we have not seen an attempt on a president's life since the thwarted attempt to kill Reagan.

  • Yes, our Secret Service does more than enough to protect our elected officials.

    Yes, our secret service staff do more than enough to protect our elected officials. The Secret Service staff put their lives on the line daily to protect an elected official, which is more than what they should be expected to do. An elected official is an important person, but if they were to be terminated by way of death, it does not mean that another person could pick up where they left off. I believe that the elected officials of our country should do more to protect themselves, such as not appearing in areas where crime against them would statistically be higher than in another area.

  • Yes, Secret Service does enough

    Although there will always be isolated worrying incidents it must be considered that complete protection of an elected official can in some instances be detrimental to them - they would like to appear accessible to the people and interact with the electorate - they cannot do this effectively if they are hidden away.

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