Rick Perry regrets his call to scrap the Energy Department. Do you think he is a true conservative?

  • He is a true conservative

    Rick Perry is a true conservative. He doesn't believe in environmental protection or climate change. The only reason he has stated that he regrets wanting to get rid of the Energy Department is because he is now being considered to run it. He is smart enough to know that if he wants the job, he has to take back his plans to scrap the department.

  • We don't need that department.

    Perry suggesting that we scrap the energy department is exactly what a true conservative would do. A true conservative knows that we need less government, not more. They know that it's not helpful to have more programs and budgets at the federal level. Perry is a true conservative because he is willing to say so out loud.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    So, what Perry is really saying is 'when i was running for president i had no clue what i was talking about.' this should bring great comfort to those working for him in Energy. He actually thought the energy secretary promotes American energy around the world when he accepted the job. Why even bother with these confirmation hearings? The Repubs aren't going to reject any of these people, no matter how ill-suited or incompetent.

  • Rick Perry is not a true conservative

    Rick Perry is not a true conservative, and his call to scrape the energy Department is a regrettable statement is clear evidence of that. It is also evidence that Perry Will say anything to get elected or to achieve an end goal. He is saying what is politically expedient. That's exactly what we should be trying to get rid of.

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