Right of self-defense: Is killing one person to save more than one life a reasonable act of self defense?

  • Murderers must be stopped.

    Heroes do still exist.
    I am thankful when I hear that a school shooting is thwarted because the
    perpetrator was killed before he could shoot anyone. I don’t think that people who kill in
    self-defense to save their families should be prosecuted. Murderers must be stopped. It is an American right to defend

  • Yes, Killing one person to save more than one life is a reasonable act of defense.

    I highly believe that this is justifiable. If someone is posing a threat to other human lives with inhuman intent, and there is someone present who can prevent this from happening killing that person to save many more is justifiable. Though taking a human life is wrong, to save the lifes of the many against the life of one is right.

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