Right of self-defense: Should there be a "right" of self-defense?

  • Protection Is A Right

    I believe there should be a right to self defense. I think the best thing to do is turn the other cheek, but when someone is attacking you, then you should maintain the right to physically protect yourself. I think when people bring on violence then they should expect to get it in return.

  • Yes there should be.

    The right of self-defense should exist, but it needs to be very clear and explained to every citizen. There are many gray areas in the self-defense law. There are definitely times when a person has a right to self-defense. If a person is about to be killed they should be allowed to stop that, whatever it takes.

  • Self-Defense Is a Right

    Without a doubt, self-defense should be an actual right for citizens of the United States. People need to be able to defend themselves and not worry about the repurcussions. If someone truly believes their life is endangered, then they should be free to retaliate against an assailant without fear of legal ramifications.

  • Second Amendment Exists for a Reason

    American citizens have the right to defend themselves against all threats, both foreign and domestic. This can be defined many ways, the most basic of which is to defend ourselves against criminals who want to steal from us or kill us. Self-defense is part of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is also guaranteed in the Second Amendment as we have a right to bear arms.

  • Self-defense is a human right.

    Self-defense is a fundamental and natural human right. If someone is violently attacked, they always have the right to defend themselves. If someone would be prosecuted for defending themselves when in imminent danger, it would absolutely be a violation of their human rights, as well as a gross perversion of justice.

  • People have a right to defend themselves.

    There should be a right to self defense. People have a right to defend themselves when someone else is attacking. It is unfair to expect someone to sit back, take an abuse, and not fight back. Very few people believe in turning the other cheek while most people believe in an eye for an eye.

  • I suppose it depends on what you mean by the question

    If your question is regarding whether or not it should be a Right codified as we have done with the Rights outlined in the Constitution, then the answer is no.
    If your question is meant to ask whether or not the right exists, then the answer is yes.
    Let me explain.
    As a living being, you have the natural right to self preservation. This is inherent in all living things whether that be a single cell organism, a plant or a more complex being like a human. No matter what living thing you are, self preservation is your number one priority.
    With self preservation comes necessities like energy consumption (think eating), water intake and self protection from predation. Predation comes in several forms, but always involves being hunted by something. For example, a sabre tooth tiger would hunt early humans. Humans hunt animals and other humans. Viruses hunt everything (contrary to popular belief, viruses are at the tip top of the food chain, not humans).
    It is a part of life that we protect ourselves from predators. We need to do this if we expect to be able to reproduce. After all, a dead person cannot reproduce.
    Therefore, it is already a natural right that you are born with and cannot be taken from you by anyone or anything but yourself. No human, no law and no amount of tyranny can deny you the right to defend yourself from harm by another living thing. It is so engrained in our very DNA that there is no need to codify it with a law. Because law or no law, it always exists. Think of it like this, if you lived in a state where self defense is outlawed like, Oregon, for example, and you came under attack from another person, would you let a few words on a piece of paper stop you from defending yourself? Or would you do whatever you had to to protect your life and well being? (I am picking on Oregon in this example, but there are also other states that prohibit self defense.)
    If I lived in a state that prohibited self defense, I promise you, I would ignore that law because my life is more important to me than the law and besides, there would be no jury that would convict.

  • Keep Self Defense

    Every single human being has a fundamental human right to defend themselves from physical violence. The alternative to that right would be submission to violence until presumably a government sanctioned officer can arrive to break up a violent attack. Quite obviously, that would be an unrealistic and impractical solution to prevent violence.

  • Yes,there should be a right to self defense.

    Yes,there should be a right to self defense.People should have the right to defend themselves and their property if the time comes where someone is threatening their livlihood.They should not have to just sit around and accept the fact that someone is abusing or exploiting them when they are able to defend themselves.

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