Right to bear arms in the US: Does the Second Amendment confer an individual right to bear arms?

  • The 2nd Amendment Does Protect

    The 2nd Amendment was there not just to form a militia, but also to give citizens the right to defend themselves. There will be times when government agencies will be unable to respond in time. Guns give people the ability to protect themselves and their families. They also allow for them to provide for their families.

  • Yes, the 2nd Amendment is sacrosanct.

    I don't know why this is even a question, but yes, the 2nd Amendment absolutely confers the right to the individual to keep and bear arms. This is to protect the individual from those who might wish to do them harm or exploit them, whether that be the thug on the street who wants to mug them or break into their home or a tyrannical government who wants to dominate them.

  • No, It Is Taken Out Of Context

    The Second Amendment to the Constitution was written to a specific audience for a specific purpose. At the time it was written, it was deemed necessary for each citizen to be able to take up arms to defend themselves and their neighbors. There was no major armed forces for the new nation, and America had yet to establish itself as a respected, sovereign country.

    Now, I believe the Second Amendment should be viewed in context. Rather than an explicit right to be carried across generations, it is an historical amendment created for a specific purpose. America no longer needs militia or a citizen army, as our armed forces are large enough and powerful enough to assist in domestic or international conflict.

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