Right to bear arms in the US: Does this clause indicate that the 2nd amendment is an individual right?

  • Yes it does

    Like all the other amendments that were written around the same time as the second amendment it refers to individuals. It doesn't refer to the militia . It uses wording as the other amendments written around that time. If the second amendment doesn't apply to individuals than freedom or religion or freedom of speech don't either.

  • Yes, it is absolute.

    Yes, the 2nd amendment is an individual right, because the second amendment is clearly written. The 2nd amendment says that the rights of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed. It does not say that the right to bear arms may be infringed if the weapon is really dangerous, or if the government has a good reason. It is an absolute right.

  • The 2nd Amendment is an individual right.

    The 2nd Amendment gives individuals the right to bear firearms. This has been confirmed by multiple courts, including US Supreme Court in the 2008 District of Columbia vs Heller case. In that case the Court ruled that the 2nd Amendment does indeed guarantee the individual the right to legally own a firearm.

  • Yes, the right to bear arms is an individual right

    The 2nd amendment was created to protect the citizens of America from tyranny. Citizens should be allowed to form militias and own firearms. This country was formed by people that had been oppressed and bullied by their King so they understood the need for the people to be able to defend themselves.

  • Individual Right to Bear Arms: A Historical and Modern Perspective

    The Second Amendment does indeed indicate an individual right. Although the debate may well continue in the court of public opinion, the issue has been sufficiently addressed by one than one Supreme Court ruling. These rulings, some as recent as 2010 and 2012, cited the intent of our founders, the language of the Amendment itself and past court rulings. Though it is true that the States do have the ability to regulate the sale, transportation and use of firearms, the Constitution and legal precedent has well-established that the right to bear arms by individual citizens shall not be infringed.

  • Viva La Resistance

    100% of people said yes so I wanted to be a rebel. But yes it is an individual right.
    I completely agree with everyone else on this.
    So like what if like we didn't like have our first amendment right like what?
    8 more words needed
    now 4
    now 0

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