Right to die: Do you think humans should have the legal right to commit suicide?

Asked by: Zourida
  • Only if they're facing a terminal illness.

    Suicide caused by depression or a temporary crisis is a tragedy and everything should be done to prevent it. There's no reason for an otherwise healthy young person to destroy the rest of their life because of a temporary mental state.

    However, if someone knows they are going to die in the near future, and wants to avoid a painful and drawn-out death, then they should have the right to euthanasia. If only to make the process easier on their family.

  • Individual's right to commit suicide

    Yes, as long as they harm others or property in the process.

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  • It's your life, do with it as you please.

    I do not advocate suicide. I do not promote it. But I respect your decision even if I disagree with it. Who am I to force you to live? Who am I to deny the pain you feel? I am no god, I am no king, I do not own you. Make your own decision but accept all consequences.

    I feel obligated to help you step back from the ledge. But I will not force you. As I said, it's your decision to make, not mine. To be frank, I truly believe it is immoral to force someone to live in pain and suffering. I think its sadistic and barbaric. Again, we have to help as much as we can but cannot live their lives for them.

    Find peace. Find happiness.

  • All human beings deserve the right to make their own decisions.

    All human beings deserve the right to make their own decisions. No individual should have authority to stop another individual from any act that solely involves themselves. That is an infringement on someones personal freedom and free will. There are countless suicide prevention centers, hotlines, support groups, and agencies for individuals who are considering suicide. We have done enough as a society, let people live or die how they choose.

  • Morally, yes it IS a human right

    Suicide is a depressing, gloomy choice made when someone takes their own life and ends it, there are impetuses that cause Suicide; depression, insanity, anger, and poverty. Morally decided, humans have the rights to kill their self because even though it is considered wrong by definitions, that right still exists and allows our moral self to decide our future.If you are against suicide, I can see why and what you may bring to the table but still its a human right that takes grasp of our future to ourselves whether we like it or not.

  • Silly not to.

    If the person wants to die, they are willing to accept a death sentence. What punishment can they give that is worse worse.
    One of the main purposes of punishing law breakers is to prevent them from committing the same crime. Do you think going to jail/prison, being less able to get a job because of your criminal record, or being treated as a freak would make them less likely to try again or more? I think more likely. In fact, I would think that their next attempt would be more likely to succeed.
    I think a better option, if a person tries and fails to commit suicide is to treat them as if they were sick. Offer them treatment in the form of therapy and if that fails, pull the plug and put them out of the misery they are in. Either way, taking legal action would be of no use.

  • Suicide is a moral issue.

    Suppose that we legalize suicide. What changes do you think we will see? Do you think people who consider killing themselves will do so because it is legal? What difference does it make? If someone wants to commit suicide there a million ways to achieve. Humans have full control of their bodies. They can do whatever they want with them. Suicide is a moral issue.

    Humans always fought for survival in this world. Suicide is a response to the various stressors that society causes to its members. We are brought in this world against our will and in order to fit in, we are forced to conform in specific rules of our society. If we do not conform, society punish us. Suicide is considered deviant because it violates the social norm that life is worth living for. Society is the core problem of suicide. Some people become criminals, deviants and other internalize their problems and to try to detach themselves from it. Most individuals who commit suicide are in a very bad mental state. Besides the ones with severe depression, the ones with suicidal thought have strong feelings of hopelessness and feel that the best thing to do to get out of their problems is suicide.

    The will to kill oneself can be a human right but that does not mean that it is the right thing to do. Society has a duty to protect those individuals and correct their distorted thoughts. Nobody wants to die just for fun. There is always a reason. Giving people the option to kill themselves is like refusing to admit that there is always hope. Suicide is an easy way to cope with problems but there is also another way. Life is worth living for. Humans are not made to give up life so easily.

  • Prove the state of mind

    In Short - Not until concrete proof can be found that a human has rationally and 100% completely understood the implications of their potential actions, has 100% agreed with the the decision and can prove that this has not been motivated by any other force than their decision.

    For a human to consider that their life must end, they are fighting the very instincts that are designed to make you want to live - That first conflict must be factually proven to have happened and mutually (Physically the body is relaxed, emotionally they are 'happy' or 'stable') - My own knowledge of fighting one's instincts, it makes you very - VERY tense, a.K.A "The Flight or Fight reflex".

    Theoretically, yes it is completely within a free humans 'rights' to make the decision to end their life. Other humans' have the inherent responsibility to stop this from happening, as fundamentally we are the same (We all want to keep on surviving).

    Prove that one can make this decision based with the precept that they fully understand their decision and that it is an 'adult' response - not a breakdown from an external factor. I.e. someone has decided they have finished with life and wish for the next step to come through or something (e.G. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - Mr. Magorium's death scene perhaps) - then I will most definitely agree and support such a decision.

  • What the..NO..Ugh..Why would that even matter they make there own choice

    You will go to hell if you do that.Its a waste of a good life towards someone with cancer who would be glad to have that persons long.Life.Its a really selfish thing to do,they should think about all the people who might miss them.Its should be against the law.To me its stupid.

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