Right to possess nuclear weapons: Would this policy promote equality among states?

  • When you Outlaw Weapons, only Outlaws will have the Weapons

    The right to possess nuclear weapons could go well, given that everyone, (not just the rich or privileged), could obtain the weapon. If every household was issued a nuclear weapon, the populations may feel more inclined to respect the weapons. For example, if we were to make gun ownership illegal, then only people who use illegal means would own guns, and the general public becomes defenseless. Empowering the entire population could lead to more respect and less worry.

  • Not Every State Needs Nuclear Weapons

    Unfortunately, certain states should be barred from owning nuclear weapons. Such states would cause more harm than good by owning these weapons. Only stable and trustworthy nations should stockpile nuclear weapons, and even then, owning these weapons isn't necessarily a good thing. In a right world, nuclear weapons wouldn't be owned by anyone.

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