• If our rights are there to protect us and the government just breaks them, how is that going to make America safer?

    Without rights there is no security since our rights is there to basically protect us. And if it was okay to break our rights then why are people still dying from terrorist attacks? If the government is already breaking our rights since like 5 years then why hasn't our country gotten better?

  • Rights are nonnegotiable.

    This decision was made the very moment the colonists emigrated from Great Britian. The following war dealt a great toll on the safety of the colonists, but their decision rode in the philosophy of freedom- even if it meant their lives. It is when a nation of peoples willingly sacrifices their freedoms, for petty safeties, that the state will exploit the trodden rights of said peoples. There is nothing worth sacrificing basic liberties- not even for safety.

  • Rights Always Come First

    "Any society that gives up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and will get neither."
    -Benjamin Franklin

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Trading your freedom for security goes nowhere. I don't care if some corrupt politicians in Washington DC think owning guns is dangerous, guns are our right as Americans.

  • The only way to restore our Rights is by restoring the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America.

    Our country was founded as a Constitutional Republic by Independent Individuals not political parties. Americans need to realize this important fact. The government we have today is a democracy which our founding fathers warned us of. These two treasonous parties have hijacked and usurped our founding government and transformed it into the democracy we see today.

    This is where our Rights are turned into privileges. Privileges are given by purchasing them and can be taken away. Rights on the other hand can not be taken away unless fought for .

    We need our Rights back and for them to be protected not seeked after. We must restore the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America and get rid of the Republican and Democrat party's.

  • I believe that we should have our own rights and our own opinions. Even if its at the cost of the governments "protection".

    When it comes to our rights as Americans we can do whatever we want when we want besides when we are breaking the law. We Americans are all about freedom and our rights. We talk about it all the time. If you take away our rights then there is no hope for this country. If you had you own guns and weaponry and your own defenses, who needs the governments protection? You don't nobody needs the governments protection. All they are doing is running our economy into the ground and making things worse for us.

  • No our rights is more important

    Without our security people won't feel safe and have freedom. An example being the 9/11 attack it could have been prevented if people didn't care so much about their rights. The patriot act proves that our security is better without security there wouldn't be laws and people will just kill themselves.

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