Rihanna's sparkling near-naked dress: Has Rihanna overstepped the bounds of decency with her revealing dress at the CFDA fashion awards?

  • If that's not being over the top I don't know what is.

    She's rude and cruel. She was making fun of her fan for wearing a Rihanna style dress to prom, she's ugly with her big forehead and nose which looks like she got hit against a brick wall and she has bad style. If I saw that b**** I'd smack her so that her ugly nose would fall off. But she's a good singer. I'll give her that.

  • EW! This is not appropriate.

    The ceremony should be to dress formally and to celebrate fashion, not nakedness. Fashion can be expressed in many other ways that does not mean to be more revealing. Clothes are meant to cover skin. The dress was inappropriate as it revealed TOO MUCH skin. It makes it un-formal and her costume designer should have thought of this and debated wether or not to put her in that dress.

  • Yes, Rihanna has gone too far with her revealing dress.

    Yes, Rihanna has overstepped the bounds of decency by wearing an overly revealing dress at the CFDA fashion awards. The photos of the dress she wore left nothing to the imagination, and parts of her body had to be covered by censoring marks when showing the dress on the Internet. This dress was not appropriate to wear at a public event

  • It was not a good example.

    Yes, Rihanna's dress at the CFDA fashion awards went too far, because she needs to understand that she is setting the example for young people. Now, young children will think that is a normal way to dress and behave. Rihanna should work on her music, and get some domestic violence counseling.

  • Yes, that dress was innapropriate.

    The trend towards wearing extremely revealing clothing, and not just normal cleavage, has become very indecent over the last few years. While she is within her rights to wear what she pleases she also should know that young girls and boys look up to her and the example she is setting may be extremely harmful for her young fans.

  • She's basically naked.

    She's showing her naked body in public, that's illegal. The parts of Rihanna you see are the parts that make it illegal to be seen nude in public. If someone went streaking at an award show they would be arrested, yet Rihanna is basically doing just that. It's definitely indecent.

  • Absolutely, she should be deported.

    Their should be no tolerance for over sexuality in the US. This is much worse than Miley Cyrus. She should be deported back to Barbados, like Justin. Bieber, and the government of Barbados should decide her fate. What she has done is despicable, and it should be a crime. DEO VINDICE!

  • Patriarchy judging women for showing less than a man can

    A man can walk around in boxers or briefs, and no one cares about seeing their nipples.

    We objectify women when we make their bodies taboo to see. We make them into wholly sexual objects through a tradition of body shaming and sexual repression in the guise of humility.

    Rhianna's dress is ugly, but her body is not, and she should not feel guilty for displaying it, nor should any prudish sorts judge her for it.

    Calling a woman inappropriate for showing her chest belies an adherence to the cultural tradition of patriarchal oppression.

    Women are equal. Boobies and buttocks are not vile, are not shameful and should not be wholly sexualized.

    Men can show their nipples. Women can't. We are living in an unequal society.

    The fact that we are engaging in this poll demonstrates the double standard all women in every nation experience.

  • She broke no laws.

    There are laws governing how much you can reveal in public places. Her dress did not break those laws, so she should be free to do as she wishes within the law. She might upset some of the more conservative people, but I doubt these people were buying her music to begin with.

  • The dress was beautiful

    This dress was truely a work of art. Granted the world may not have been ready for it. However, the designer put alot of work into it and in all honesty. The only one that can really own this dress is rhianna. The event was to celebrate fashion. This dress is a piece that will go down in fashion history for years to come.

  • No, she needs to do it.

    When you have no talent you have to do something to get people interested. Okay she has a good voice but its not thew best so how else is she meant to get in the news. Look at what Madonna did and what Lady Gaga does. If you have not got it make people look at your music for another reason.

  • Fashion is Fashion.

    There is no such thing as too much or too little in fashion. Extreme and "bending the rules" is the entire point on the show. I find it hard to believe that an industry revolving around the body would spark an argument about a woman's body being exposed. She wasn't forced, she did this willingly. Why is there a debate here?

  • It's ugly, but not illegal

    Firstly, it's legal for women to walk around topless, so she did nothing wrong, therefore she was within her rights to wear that dress, (though I think that nipples aren't really appropriate to be on show at public events, not formal enough). Secondly, they're nipples, everyone has them, they're not disgusting or something that we should be ashamed of showing in public.

  • No, she didn't

    I didn't see an issue with this dress. Is it risqué? Yes, but it's not illegal. She did not break the law by wearing a revealing dress to an event where such attire is within legal bounds. She is an adult who is comfortable with her own body, that is not a crime. And she is also not responsible for the upbringing of anyone else's children, that is their parent's job. So no, she didn't overstep anything.

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