Rioters protest U.S. election results: Should Americans protest the Trump victory?

  • Yes, but peacefully

    I don't have a problem with peaceful protest. The people can ask to validate election results and certainly assemble in a peaceful manner to protest Trump and or what he's said he stands for. I'm not in favor of riots or violence, but we have the right to freedom of speech and assembly.

  • Yes they have the right to.

    Although Rioters are known to cause chaos in most cases, they are actually allowed to protest. This is because we need to know the reactions of citizens in particular things and gauge where their stand is. We should not assume the protesters. On the other hand the protestors need to have peaceful demonstrations, to promote peace.

  • That is not democratic.

    Trump won according to the rules. He didn't bend the rules or break them in order to secure the victory. People who want to protest want anarchy. They want to get their way because they intimidate people and destroy property. They should work for peaceful change. That's what they would be telling Trump supporters to do if their side had won.

  • No, Americans should not protest the Trump victory.

    No, Americans should not protest the Trump victory. As American citizens, we have to respect our process and acknowledge that the new president has been duly elected and now needs our support. Any other action would fly in the face of our democracy as we know it and would cause further damage. It's time to stand ready to either support the president or at the very least ready to help solve any problems he causes.

  • This is a time when America needs unity more than ever.

    Undemocratic and hypocritical as it may be to protest the results, it is in their rights. As a fellow Clinton supporter, I'm equally shocked and appalled. But for the sake of America, people need to forget their political preferences, and band together. Democracy has spoken- all we can hope for is that Democrats will remember this, and turmout won't be so low next time (Because even by American election standards, turnout was laughable.)

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