Rita Wilson's Breast Cancer: Should you always get a second opinion when diagnosed with cancer?

  • Yes, it's worth the effort!!

    Being misdiagnosed happens all the time!! That's why it's always best to go with your instincts. If something doesn't sound right, get a second opinion. It can be a life-saver.
    I heard that a woman was having headaches, but her doctor told her it's nothing serious. So when she want to get a second opinion, it turned out she has a brain tumor!! Imagine what would have happened if she didn't get a second opinion.

    Just because doctors are professionals doesn't mean they don't make mistakes.

  • Yes, you should always get a second opinion when diagnosed with cancer.

    People think of cancer medicine as a very scientific, very black-and-white study. It is not. There are many shades of gray when it comes to reading cancer histopathology results and interpreting them based on experience (and knowledge). Therefore, it is always a good idea to get a second (and maybe third or fourth) opinion.

  • Yes, you should always get a second opinion when diagnosed with cancer.

    A second medical opinion on any medical issue is always wise. Serious medical problems, especially cancer, are often very complex and difficult to diagnose. Doctors are human, and have various levels of expertise and experience. Their opinions will differ based on their education and personal preferences. Making treatment decisions involves taking into consideration a variety of factors. Exploring all opinions and options lets a patient make an informed decision about how to proceed with cancer treatment.

  • Yes its better to ask

    Its always better to ask for a second opinion just to be sure that your diagnosis is done correctly. I personally feel you should ask for more than one opinion in order to make up your mind and to understand your condition in a better way because its not easy to deal with diseases like cancer. .

  • Never an "Always" situation

    Something like cancer is far too serious a condition to label with something like "always" and getting a second opinion. It may, perhaps be a very time-sensitive issue and require immediate action. A second opinion could eliminate this window of opportunity. While a second opinion may always be a good idea, time may prevent such action, so every case should be individual.

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