Road Map to Middle East Peace: Is the road map to Middle East peace sound?

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  • Peace will not be had until the Palestinians willingly cede power to Israel

    The Middle East will not be have peace until it can accept the fact that Israel will exist. There is no reason why Muslims cannot coexist with Jews, but for political propaganda in an attempt to foster hate toward Israel. This is simply a power play to try and create an Islamic world. The Road Map to Middle East Peace is not the way forward. Palestine needs to accept its place or leave.

  • Middle East Road Map Unclear and Ignore Internal and External Problems

    The road map to Middle East peace is not sound because it is not clear and does not take into account the challenges of working with all the participants. The road map has changed so much over time that it is not clear just what is involved. The participants involved in this peace have internal disagreements and external set conditions that will not be overcome by the road.

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